The custom synthesis service is a key service project of Dalian Bangyong Technology. It consists of the backbone of the business backbone of the original chemistry business mall of Bangyong Technology and the elite of the R&D department of the R&D department. It specializes in providing various chemical custom synthesis services. The Synthetic Service Division aims to provide fast and high-quality compound custom synthesis services for domestic and foreign pharmaceutical and pesticide research and development institutions, university research institutes, and enterprise research institutes. The establishment of this department fully integrates the expertise of our various departments in the research and development of organic synthesis technology, scale-up production, chemical synthesis analysis equipment, and expertise in molecular systems, so that customers can avoid the trouble of searching for customized synthetic routes everywhere. Efficient synthesis and amplification of target compounds. Since the establishment of the customized synthesis service department, it has provided high-quality, college-based customized synthesis services for many enterprises, universities and research institutes at home and abroad, and has won a good reputation in this field.
    The Custom Synthetic Services Division has developed the  Compound Search Database  with the support of the company, which specializes in the search for fluorochemicals and specialty chemicals. Customized synthetic services will accumulate a large variety of special compounds and intermediates in long-term customized synthesis services. These compounds are mostly used in research and development. Due to the low dosage, they are extremely difficult to obtain in reagent companies and chemical companies, and these compounds are stored for a long time. It is also an intangible waste within the company, so we developed the Chem-ren search database to collect and search for specialty compounds that we store or synthesize in a large number of custom synthesis services to help our customers find specialty chemicals.