With a rigorous quality control system, Bangyong has a complete set of management systems based on advanced IT technology in both R&D and circulation, which can timely detect any events that may lead to product quality risks. Even in the production of a common product, we also have strict inspection standards. The following are some of the measures that Bangyong has done in quality control:
1. All brands and manufacturers have undergone rigorous investigations to ensure that suppliers with quality defects or quality defects cannot enter the Bangyong supply chain.
2. Based on the management structure of the product division and product manager system, ensure that related products are managed by the experienced Bangyong product manager.
3. Set the supplier's annual and quarterly assessment system, and evaluate each supplier by scoring.
4. All business products have physical maps.
5. There is a system of counterfeiting and one-vote veto. If any supplier is found to be maliciously offering fake goods, it will no longer cooperate with them for life.
6. Ensure that all products with special preservation requirements are stored in the warehouse and transportation links.
7. Any undetected product found at any point will be recorded.
8. Ensure that any shipment of each batch can be traced at any time, including the execution time of any link and the executor.
9. Do not report any luck for any behavior that may cause the goods to deteriorate.
10. Any artificial behavior that may cause the product to deteriorate may have been included in the employee KPI assessment.

     Quality is the blood of harmony. We will spare no effort to maintain the quality of our products and provide our customers with a consistent, clean and unimaginable buying experience.