Notice of H2-Chem's logo change

Dear customers and partners:

      First of all, thank you for your continuous support to H2-Chem! In order to further enhance the company's LOGO recognition and dissemination effect, and constantly improve the company's image and influence, shaping the industry brand, improve brand influence and competitiveness, since immediately the company officially launched a new LOGO, the original LOGO H2-Chem still retain ownership.
I. From now on the new LOGO

From now on, the new version of the brand logo will be launched, while the original version of the company logo will be gradually discontinued.

The old version of the logo:

New logo:

Second, the new LOGO enable requirements

      The original logo will no longer be used in the company's official website, advertisements, staff business cards, promotional materials, etc. This change is actually only a change in the logo, which does not involve the name of the company, and the quality of service will remain unchanged. H2-Chem has the final right to interpret the logo change.

We hereby declare.

H2-Chem Co., Ltd.

                                                                             June 17, 2024